Sandy Hoang

Sandy Hoang is the Practice Manager for all 3 locations in Sunbury, St Albans and Cairnlea.



Sandy Hoang, a local resident of the Western Suburbs of Melbourne, brings her extensive experience in the dental industry since 2008 to her role as the Practice Manager at Namo Dental. She is responsible for overseeing multiple clinics, offering administrative leadership, managing daily business operations, maintaining professionalism, and staff personnel to ensure smooth management.

Her extensive tenure in the dental field has cultivated a profound understanding of patient needs. Her dedication to offering assistance and guidance to ensure that every patient receives the utmost care and support throughout their dental journey.

Sandy is bilingual, fluently communicating in both English and Vietnamese, which further enhances her ability to connect with a diverse range of patients.

Outside of work she is a passionate individual who finds joy in various interests. She loves cooking and she shares her love for food with her family. Furthermore, she enjoys traveling, exploring different parts of the world, and experiencing the different cultures and cuisines.

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