Dr. James Huang

Dr. James Huang

Dr. James Huang is a general dentist at all 3 locations in Sunbury, St Albans and Cairnlea.


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Meet Dr. James Huang – General Dentist

Dr. James Huang is a dedicated dental surgeon with a strong commitment to providing quality care. He has been honoured with various awards for academic excellence and has continually ranked among the top students during his time at Griffith University Gold Coast in Australia. Dr. Huang also holds a Graduate Diploma in Clinical Clear Aligner Orthodontics from The City of London Dental School in the United Kingdom. He is an active member of the Australian Clear Aligner Society, emphasizing his commitment to staying updated on the latest in dental care, especially in orthodontics.

With over a decade of experience in the dental field, Dr. James has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and expertise. His professional journey has taken him through different dental settings, including private clinics and rural public dental health systems, providing him with a deep understanding of various dental conditions and treatment methods. At the core of his practice is a dedication to ensuring that every patient’s dental experience is comfortable and positive. Dr. Huang is known for his compassionate and gentle approach, always placing the patient’s well-being first.

To maintain his commitment to excellence in dental care, Dr. James actively participates in ongoing education and training. He has a special interest in Cosmetic Dentistry and Special Needs Dentistry, reflecting his dedication to addressing the unique needs of his patients. Dr. Huang’s primary goal is to consistently provide the highest standard of dental care to all his patients, ensuring they not only receive exceptional treatment but also an outstanding dental experience.

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