General Dentistry

General Dentistry

General Dentistry


Paediatric or children dentistry is one of the main and important branches of dentistry and should be provided in any dental clinic. Good knowledge of children’s psychology is required to deal with them in a very friendly, pain-free approach. The best time for the first dental visit for a child is after his/her first birthday with a simple dental check-up. Advice will be given to parents in regard to oral hygiene.

A second visit may be required should any further treatment be needed.

Some children may be afraid of coming to the dentist. Our dental team has Oral Hygiene Therapists specialise in the care of small children. An OHT can add a motherly touch with anxious young children. We also bulk bill eligible children on the Australian Government’s Medicare Child Dental Benefits Scheme.



Family dental care is another important part of dentistry. This includes pregnant and breast-feeding patients. During pregnancy, the mother will undergo psychological and hormonal changes which can alter gum permeability and salivary rate and flow. This in turn can lead to oral health ignorance, gingival swelling and bleeding with an increased chance of cavities. It is important that the pregnant patient attend for personalized dental care with special attention to oral hygiene.



Our expert team will provide fillings that will match your teeth and mouth. Continuous advancement in dental materials has led to different types of tooth coloured fillings and bonding agents with improved properties and strength. This results in high quality fillings with greater colour stability, optimal shades, wear resistance for posterior teeth and different translucencies for the anterior teeth


Although we do not often place amalgam fillings, we believe they have a place in dentistry where colour restorations fail. We do not usually advise changing of amalgam fillings unless there are associated problems. Amalgam has been used in dentistry for more than 150 years on millions of people worldwide and has been shown to be a safe and an effective choice. Most dental work has a limited life span and should be checked regularly in the chair and radiographically.