Namo Dental provides several options to replace a lost tooth or teeth. Denture, removable prosthetics, are a cost effective solution to replacing lost teeth.

Dentures can replace a full set of teeth, single teeth or a partial set of teeth. The materials they can be made of are acryllic, cobalt chrome metal alloy or flexible valplast. Dentures can be made prior to teeth removal or after they have been removed.

To ensure the perfect denture that suits your personal needs several appointments will be required to take moulds and trial wax based teeth. Only when you are satisfied are dentures processed.

Once your denture is completed it will be fitted. You may expierence some intial sore sand ulcers over the first few weeks. Our team of dentists and technicians are on standby to help make necessary adjustments to the dentures to ensure they are comfortable.

For some people they may have been without their natural teeth for many years already. Shrinkage of bone of the jaws may mean that they require implant supported dentures.

Whether you are missing one tooth or several teeth, you may find that dentures are one of the best solutions to restoring your smile. Namo Dental is here to help you navigate the denture process as easily as possible! Give us a call and begin to make a smile you can enjoy every day.