Kristy Thinh Trinh

Kristy Trinh is an Oral Health Therapist at all 3 locations in Sunbury, St Albans and Cairnlea.


Meet Kristy, Our Experienced Oral Health Therapist

Kristy Trinh is a highly qualified Oral Health Therapist, holding dual credentials as a dental hygienist and dental therapist. Her extended scope of practice from La Trobe University, equips her with a broad range of dental services suitable for patients of all ages. This includes routine check-ups, dental x-rays, scaling and cleaning, as well as fillings and professional teeth whitening.

What truly sets Kristy apart is her unwavering commitment to providing a comfortable and pain-free dental experience, especially for children and anxious patients. She goes the extra mile to customise each patient’s journey, addressing their unique needs and concerns while keeping them informed at every step.

Kristy’s mission goes beyond the dental chair. She is dedicated to making a positive impact on her patients’ lives by instilling good oral hygiene habits and fostering pain-free, healthy smiles that increase overall wellbeing.

Outside of the dental practice, Kristy values quality time with her family, travelling and enjoying different cuisines.

Kristy is also fluent in Vietnamese, enhancing her ability to connect with a culturally diverse patient base.

Discover the exceptional care and warmth that Kristy brings to our dental practice.

Your Smile is Our Priority