Mouth Guards

Mouth Guards

Mouth Guards

Kick start to the footy season – Wear a Mouth-Guard

What is a Mouth Guard?
A soft or laminated tray to protect the mouth, teeth, cheeks, tongue and the jaw from oral injuries.

Mouth guards are available in many types.

Stock / generic mouth guards which can be purchased in the sporting shops, chemists or supermarkets. They come preformed and ready to wear. Although they are the least expensive, they are also the worst fitting and least comfortable or provide protection. Made of rubber or polyvinyl, these pre-formed guards can be bulky, increase the tendency to gag, and makes breathing and talking difficult because they require the jaw to be closed to hold them in place.

Custom-fitted mouth guards, are more expensive than the other type of mouth guards, but they provide the greatest protection, fitting, and comfort because they are professionally made from casts to precisely fit your teeth. Your dentist takes impression (mould) of your teeth and a dental technician in the lab will create the custom-fitted mouth guards

Kick start to new winter footy season, now is the best time to try your mouth-guard and check and make sure it fits correctly and there are no signs of definite wear which could compromise its effectiveness.

Look out for our new special, professionally made, custom fitted mouth-guards for only $125. (normally $250)
Additional saving for private health insurance members.
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