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Mouth guards

Sport dentistry has the same history as sport itself. Since the ancient days of humanity, human beings practice different types of sports and tried at the same time to protect his face and teeth while keeping him/her self-fit for hunting which resulted in different types of contact sports. Most contact sports result in dental and head injuries, many of them could be serious and human beings tried to invent different dental appliances to protect his face and teeth with. In the modern sport dentistry there are a great change in the program and provide athletics of contact sports with suitable appliances according to age of the person, type of sport, position of teeth inside the mouth and in relationship to opposing teeth. So at Station Road Dental Clinic we are ready any time to providing our athletics with the most suitable, protective and comfortable dental appliances such as mouth guards or splints hard or laminated custom made.


Night Guards – Treatment for grinding, clenching of teeth and bruxism

Many people grind their teeth during sleep which is very common. The person cannot tell that she/he is unless her/his partner can report about the grinding. Another type of para-function is clenching which strong contraction of the muscles of the mastication and expression. This condition has no sound of grinding like bruxism, only there will be pain in the muscles of face and dull pain in the dentition, there is also wearing of teeth surfaces. Those people will need special dental devices to protect their teeth, supporting tissue and reduce pain such as night guards


Obstructive sleep apnea affects approximately 4% of males and 2% females. It has the symptoms of complete or partial apnea or obstruction which lead to hypoxia and snoring. The cause may be due to the tongue falling backwards and closing the air way and preventing oxygen from reaching the brain and hypoxia which may cause sudden death or cardiovascular diseases and day time sleeping which may also lead to fatal death during driving or machinery works in addition to disturbing her/his partner’s sleeping by snoring. Treatment may be by reducing weight, avoiding alcohol, correction of sleeping position (sleep on sides rather on back) or by dental devices which is excellent for snoring and mild sleeping apnea. Patient needs to provide good medical & social history, .and also need to have sleep study test before the treatment. Dental treatment for snoring and sleep apnea include advanced mandibles devices


Some people suffer from unclear facial pain, pain in the jaw joints (tempro-mandibular joint), tenderness in the muscles of the face and may or may not has click in the joint. Due to some de-arrangement in the ligaments and muscles of the joint, this may cause severe pain in the face and headaches prompting the patient to seek treatment. The treatment may be as simple as construction of mouth splint to treat the condition or is sometimes much more complicated and will need referral to specialist in facial pain and tempro-mandibular disorders.

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