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General Dentistry Problems

When it comes to general dental problems, there are many issues that can occur unexpectedly. We recommend regular visits to see our caring, professionals at NAMO Dental Group, we can help you to prevent many of these general dentistry problems, and maintain optimum oral health as well as overall health and wellbeing.

NAMO Dental Group in St Albans and Sunbury offers sound, affordable general dentistry advice and care, as well as a wide range of oral health treatments performed by our highly-qualified team of practitioners.

General Dentistry Problems

  • Bad Breath: Also known as halitosis, bad breath can often be a symptom of more serious, underlying general dentistry problems, including gum disease and gingivitis. A trip to visit our caring team at NAMO Dental Group will see your embarrassing bad breath problem resolved quickly and affordably.
  • Bleeding Gums: Another embarrassing problem that many people suffer is bleeding gums. Again, this general dentistry problem can be an indicator that more serious issues exist, from gum disease right through to infection. Luckily, the team at NAMO Dental Group has plenty of experience in diagnosing and treating this common problem.
  • Dental Anxiety and Phobias: It’s not uncommon to suffer from dental anxiety or phobia. Many people experience stress, and even fear, at the thought of having to visit the dentist. With more than 35 years’ experience, our Principal Dentist, Dr Alan Amin has plenty of expertise when it comes to dealing with fears. We will work together to help overcome both your fear, and your dental issues.
  • Snoring: Believe it or not, there are several general dentistry techniques that can be used to treat snoring. One very effective snoring treatment is dental or oral devices, particularly when it comes to correcting mild or even moderate snoring and sleep apnea. Best of all, there are numerous options when it comes to dental devices; we can recommend one that best suits your particular needs.
  • Wisdom Teeth: The development of wisdom teeth is a natural progression that comes with age. Often, wisdom teeth are too large to fit in your mouth, and if left, can result in crowded teeth or crooked teeth. As such, the best course of treatment is to remove your wisdom teeth altogether. Depending on the location and severity of your wisdom teeth, we may be able to remove them in-chair and in hospital.

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